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      An artist with decades of experience exhibiting paintings throughout Australia and Indonesia, her work is held in public collections including MAGNT Museum and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory), Government House & Parliament House Darwin and  many private collections.
               Much of her career as an artist was spent in the Northern Territory. She was founding co-ordinator of Babbara Women's Council, lectured in drawing at the Darwin University and was head of art at Batchelor College, Rum Jungle, where she taught indigenous students from the faculties of art, education, linguistics and media.
               Having re-discovered a deep affection for children’s books, Lucas wrote  her first story ‘Margot and Milligan - Curious as Cats’ during a road trip on the east coast. It was published with her own illustrations in 2021. 

"Lucas is an artist with perfect visual pitch. "
Daena Murray, Curator of Contemporary Art , Museum & Art Galleries of the Northern Territory, in her opening speech for the artist's 1997 exhibiton.