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Writing and Illustration 

Early sketch of characters Margot and Milligan

Margot and Milligan Curious As Cats

Children's book Published 2021
When Margot visits Pa’s farm, she and Milligan aren’t that keen on venturing out to meet all the animals. Instead they observe them from safety of the garden.
But this only makes the newcomers more interesting for the farm animals who want to meet these strangers as soon as possible.
When Pa finally coaxes Margot out onto the farm she discovers that it’s not only cats who are inquisitive creatures. There’s a much bigger animal which is far more curious.


Workshops and talks detailing production of the book and demonstrating the use of mock-ups, development of illustrations from initial rough sketches, materials and techniques.

New Projects

preliminary rough sketches
for two new stories

Logo Design

2020 design for local farm and Shepherd's Hut Sanctuary

Wine Label Design 

Created for award winning Grampians wine label'SubRosa' 
by Winemaker Adam Louder & corporate communications whizz
Nancy Panter, Aussie expats who met in the Napa Valley.